Are you looking for an extraordinary speaker for your next event? Alex Shipillo speaks on topics related to growth marketing, startups, and legal technology. His speaking style is energetic, funny and personal. Alex is an experienced keynote, workshop presenter, panelist, and MC. Each speaking engagement is entirely customized for your specific audience and desired themes. Want to see it in action? Click here to see videos of my speaking.

Recent Selected Speaking Experience


  • Growclass: Marketing Intensive Program, Toronto – Workshop Speaker


  • Growth TO: B2B Growth: Scaling SMB, Enterprise, & Beyond, Toronto
  • The Mentor Meetup: Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success, Toronto – Panelist
  • Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute – Emerging Legal Technology Forum, Toronto – Panelist
  • Clio Cloud Conference, San Diego – Legal Technology Breakout Session


  • Clio Cloud Conference, New Orleans – Session Speaker – Video
  • MaRS Discovery District, Toronto – Grow Camp
  • Techstars Toronto – Go to Market Growth Panel


  • 500 Startups – Distro Dojo Toronto – Speaker and Mentor
  • Oracle Marketing Cloud User Group, Twin Cities – Slides
  • OneEleven, Toronto – Growth Hacking Panel
  • Circulate Conference, San Francisco – Morning Keynote – Video,  Slides
  • ZoomInfo Roadshow, Chicago – Marketing and Sales Alignment Panel
  • MARKET powered by Rightsleeve – Marketing Panel
  • Toronto Marketing Happy Hour – Marketing Automation Needs for High Tech High Growth Companies – Panel
  • Marketing Automation Toronto Meetup – MarTech Product Demo
  • University of Toronto – Search Engine Marketing Class Roundtable
  • Uberflip – Flip The Switch – Podcast


  • Marketo User Group – Toronto – Best Practices for Funnel Management – VideoSlides
  • Data Marketing Conference 2015 – The Game Changers: Startups Panel
  • InboundTO – A Crash Course of Growth Marketing – Video,  Slides
  • DemandGen Report – 5 Funnel Metric Secrets to Optimize Your Marketing Performance – Webinar
  • SEMPO Cities Toronto: Digital Marketing Think Tank – Technology Trends Panel
  • Marketers Unbound Product Demos – Toronto
  • Full Circle CRM Circulate Conference – Killer CMO DashboardsVideo, Slides
  • 3 Webinar Features You Should be Using Today – ReadyTalk Webinar


  • DMA 2013 – Chicago – Content Marketing and Publishing in the Mobile World

Next Steps

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Still not convinced? Maybe these testimonials will help:

“Alex has the kind of in-the-trenches B2B marketing expertise that is completely riveting to hear about. He understand how to build a high-performing demand gen machine and has the numbers to prove it. Most importantly, he can communicate the art and science of being a modern marketing practitioner in a way that is approachable and totally engaging.” – Justin Norris, Toronto Marketo User Group Leader

“Alex is a fantastic public speaker. He’s engaging, dynamic, with the right amount of humour in his anecdotes.  The audience comes alive with interest and enthusiasm when Alex speaks.  When he talks, they listen.” – Jacob Kojfman, Junior Achievement Volunteer Advisor

“The highlight of the conference, Alex Shipillo’s engaging presentation was truly inspirational. Just the fact that Alex was at our conference was incredible, as he had just been in the hospital the previous night after returning from Zambia. Able to deliver his fantastic presentation with an IV in his hand, Alex left a lasting impression on both myself and the conference attendees!” – Taylor Quinn, Chair, What Can YOUth Do? Symposium

“It would not be doing Alex Shipillo’s presentation justice by simply calling it inspirational, engaging, and insightful. The manner in which he presents himself and his impressive life experiences offers a captivating talk that is easily relatable. Not only does his speech give invaluable advice to the audience, but does so in a way that truly excites and motivates listeners. Additionally, his areas of expertise touches upon many relevant issues that resonate with today’s youth. The sum of these feats makes Alex Shipillo an outstanding role model for all.” – Victoria Wicks, Speaker Coordinator, IBeyond Conference

“Alex inspired me to soak up as much knowledge into my young life as I possibly can. I connected with him because he is young, only a few years older than myself. What stood out was his message about getting involved in anything and everything while you’re still young and trying to find out who you are.” – Lisa Odland, Student, Seycove Secondary School

“Alex is one of the smartest and most motivated individuals I know. His understanding of youth engagement and entrepreneurship, and ability to share his wisdom in an easy to understand manner, is second to none. I feel smarter after every conversation I have with him.” – Joshua Liu, Founder of MedHopeful.com, TD Scholar, Top 20 Under 20 Recipient

“I’m a program coordinator for the YouthPolitik program and Alex Shipillo gave a presentation to a group of our youth at YouthPolitik about Turning Ideas into Action. It was one of the best workshops of our 3 and a half month program and we would definitely invite him again to run a workshop.  His ability to captivate his audience through humor, stories, and just good public speaking made his presentation so good.  The best part of it was how he made his amazing achievements seem very simple and do able by anyone, which was the exact goal of his presentation to our youth.  He was able to inspire us to believe in ourselves and to make our ideas a reality.  I would like to thank Alex Shipillo and would definitely recommend him to anyone else looking to run a similar workshop.” – Bryan Wong, Program Coordinator, YouthPolitik

“Alex is a brilliant speaker, full of wit, charisma as well as humour. Yet, he still is able to contain many pieces of valuable information throughout the presentation. He has many wonderful ideas, as well as stories to share with people. It was a pleasure to have him speak to us at IBeyond, and we wish him success in his future endeavors!”  – Kevin Wang, Organizer, IBeyond Conference

“Alex Shipillo is a really unique and a strong motivational speaker. I was very impressed to see that such a young person could present us with such a great speech. I could see myself being there in a few years just like him if I follow his advice wisely. I was about to fall asleep attending workshops after workshops since I was tired but when we got to his room, my eyes opened wide and were glued to his face the entire time. He was that engaging!” – Prishpal Singh, Student, Tamanawis Secondary School

“Thank you for the amazing lecture at Shad Carleton this summer. You inspired me to not only think and dream big, but also to take action and continue the experience at Shad throughout my life. Really, you have made a significant impact on my life.” – Lily Zhang, Student, Cameron Heights, Collegiate Institute

“Alex’s presentation is engaging and highlights how we, as youth, can have a real impact in the world.  Alex serves as an example of this, through his many achievements and bold moves as a young entrepreneur.  Most importantly, his advice and anecdotes really encourages young people to be proactive about their futures.” – Anish Krishnan, Student, Colonel By Secondary School

“The amount you have achieved within the past years is incredible. By far, you were my favourite speaker of the conference not only because of your accomplishments, but because of the motivation and inspiration you have instilled in me to believe that with determination and dedication, any goal is possible.” – Lauren Lam, Student, Lord Byng Secondary School

“That was such an eye-opening workshop! Seeing your passion for what you do made me think a lot about what my true passion is or will be, and what I am doing right now to achieve my goals. That is what I will truly take away from ELITE. Thank you for that. I wish you more success in your future plans and I know that there are many others out there that will see you as a great inspiration as much as I do.” – Rebecca Banzon, Student, A.R. MacNeil Secondary School

“Alex Shipillo is an inspirational speaker who does not only represent today’s youth but also evokes in other youths a desire to change themselves and the world around them. Undoubtedly, his presentation at ELITE 2010 left a lasting impression on me — hearing about his accomplishments made me reflect on the things that I wish to achieve in my life and, at the same time,  made me think of ways to do my bit and bring a positive change in the world around me. Good luck for the future and thanks once again for the inspiring, thought provoking presentation.” – Neetika Saini, Group Leader, ELITE 2010

“Alex Shipillo is a speaker that radiates leadership and influence. After hearing about his accomplishments and the numerous opportunities out there, I have become inspired and decided to take action in my community. I am going to try my best to pursue my passion and what I believe is right. Alex’s speech stirred something inside of me that I never explored before, and this may change my life. I am really grateful for all that Alex has taught me.” – Selina Liu, Student, University Hill Secondary School

“Thank you very much for your awesome lecture! Your passion and what you have done to achieve it was so inspiring and I was taking notes really fast the whole time you spoke. It was my favourite lecture during the month-long program, I didn’t only not fall asleep but I was just sucked into your speech. Thank you very much once again!” – Julianne Lee

“I attended Shad@Mac last month, and I wanted to say that your presentation was absolute inspiration. To see all the things you had accomplished since your Shad experience, along with your driven attitude and motivation, really inspired me to aim higher. I’m excited at what there is out there for me this year, and I’ll try and be bolder and aim higher also!” – Kellyanne Yep, Shad@Mac 2010 Alumni

“You gave a presentation to my colleagues and I, and I absolutely loved it! Unlike most other motivational presentors, you actually challenged us to keep the passion and drive to have initiative burning even after your presentation. I became extremely motivated to create lasting change in my school, and I do not intend to let this drive die out!” – Ricky Leem, Student, Gleneagle Secondary School

“Prior to attending Alex Shipillo’s workshop on youth leadership, I was apathetic to the idea that young people were capable of making a substantial positive impact within their local and global communities; however, after learning about his achievements and the sheer amount of opportunities available to youth in Canada, I have became more motivated to take advantage of those opportunities, and ultimately, give back to my community every step of the way.” – Gloria Kim, Burnaby Mountain Secondary School

“Alex Shipillo is on his way to becoming a great Canadian speaker. When he came to speak at Shad Valley, I was very inspired by what he had to say. I loved how he focused on the good AND the bad points in his life, showing everyone that even people who have done amazing things have had to surpass barriers in order to achieve their goals.” – Graham Shonfield, Program Assistant, Shad Valley Carleton

“I had known about Alex prior to his speech, but I had never thought he would leave such a lasting impression. His presentation was unique and intriguing because it inspired me to ask for help. He provides an arsenal of tools to help us youth engage and go after what we want in a way that makes it easy.” -Mitra Nowroozi, Student, New Westminster Secondary School

“Hi there, You won’t remember me but I certainly do remember you. You spoke at the Shad Valley UBC lecture. You inspired me to do what I am passionate about and showed a true example of the impact Shad can have on someone. You showed us the difference that youth can have and how you are never to young to start a business.” – Alisha Virmani Shad Alum, UBC 2010

“I was inspired to take action and to perserve when trying to achieve my goals and plans. Your talk made me realize that I regretfully missed out on few events that I could have benefited from had I taken immediate action towards my goals. I though you had a fabulous story, being able to balance all your responsibilities and commitments and now I’ll try in my own life to take advantage of opportunities that come to pass.” – Joseph Yang, Student, North Toronto Collegiate Institute

“Alex Shipillo’s presentation was a much needed wake up call. Young or old can take away from this dynamic presenter’s seemingly simple and inspiring message: ‘step up’.” – Keertia Walia, Team Leader, ELITE 2010 Conference

“Alex Shipillo’s presentation really made me open up my eyes about other opportunities out there for expanding my leadership skills. Because of his speech, I have learned to take charge of my youth and not wait to take initiative towards my goals. He showed me that even though someone is young, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t experience great things.” – Jennifer Liu, Student, A.R. MacNeil Secondary School

“Alex’s presentation was motivating, optimistic, and energetic! It showed me, among others, that nothing is impossible at a young age as long as you set a goal for yourself and are passionate about what you want to do.” – Ashley Mak, Student, Riverside Secondary School

“Your speech really inspired me to become a leader and to follow my dream. I have thought deeply about what you said in your well thought-out presentation and I will study and work hard to acheive my goal. Thank you.” – Amar Kaila, Student, Panorama Ridge Secondary School

“I just want to say Thank You Very Much for providing us with all your useful suggestions on how to stretch yourself and become a more successful person. Your passion really engaged me and made me reconsider my future plans.” – Ye Zhao, Student, W.L. Mackenzie Collegiate

“I had the pleasure of seeing Alex give a presentation of passion, and by simply looking around the room, you could see the gears moving in everyone’s head. He has many great stories to share, and is quite the engaging speaker.”  – Honghu Wang, Bayview Secondary School

“Excellent workshop, unlike other ones I’ve seen in the past at the UBC Student Leadership Conference. Very informative.”

“Alex’s presentation was both inspirational and motivational; his passion engaged the audience, and encouraged and taught us how to aim for our dreams, and goals.” – Chrissy Kwok, Student, Gleneagle Secondary School.

“After your speech to us at the IB Retreat, I was so inspired and I really want to contribute to our society with my own share of strength.” – William Ren, Student, Winston Churchill Secondary School

Past Speaking Experience


  • Rotary – Youth Adventures in Leadership (YAIL)
  • TiE Vancouver – Young Entrepreneurs Program (TYE)
  • University of British Columbia – Careers in Social Media – Sauder School of Business
  • IBeyond Conference


  • Student Connections – Day of Action Conference
  • City of Vancouver – YouthPolitik
  • Shad Valley – University of British Columbia
  • Shad Valley – Carleton University


  • TEDxYouthToronto – Satellite Event
  • Free The Children – Take Action Academy
  • Shad Valley – University of British Columbia
  • Shad Valley – Carleton University
  • Shad Valley – McMaster University
  • UBC ELITE Conference
  • Point Grey Mini School
  • NOW What? Conference
  • What Can YOUth Do? Symposium
  • Junior Achievement – Company Program


  • InnoVasion
  • Crossroads Conference (Master of Ceremonies)
  • UBC Student Leadership Conference


  • InnoVasion
  • Sir Winston Churchill Secondary – International Baccalaureate Retreat