My last post from Zambia

It has been a great trip.  It has also has been an unexpected one in many ways. Primarily, I didn’t expect to be here for two weeks instead of one.  I didn’t expect to meet so many great people.  I didn’t expect such a comfortable and hospitable stay.  I didn’t expect to get a chance to see the beauty of Victoria Falls.  In eight hours, I fly back out to Canada, stopping by in London for 22 brief hours. Here is an update of the last couple of days:

-Friday was a quiet morning in Livingstone.  As I wrote earlier, I spent some time with my new friend Chris talking about growing his business.  We went over some basic accounting practices and he promised me that he was going to open up a new business banking account by the end of the month, and he would also project his revenues and expenses for May.  Chris is working towards buying his first minibus in September, and transitioning from being self-employed to actually having a business with employees!

-In the afternoon, I caught another stand-by flight to Lusaka.  I woke up very early to listen to the Canucks game, but unfortunately, my internet stopped working just before the game was supposed to start and started working again right after the game finished! At least the Canucks had a great game without me!

-On Saturday and Sunday, I went to the local shopping mall on both days.  I went to see two movies at the cinema: Date Night and Cop Out.  Tina Fey and Steve Carrell had great chemistry in Date Night, while Cop Out was better than I expected but I did come in with extremely low expectations.  I was also able to purchase some souvenirs at the craft market on Sunday. I didn’t purchase very much, but I’m fairly happy with my negotiation and bargaining skills.

I’m looking forward to spending a day in London, being back at home by Tuesday night, and most importantly, a series-ending win by the Vancouver Canucks in a few hours! Thanks again to everyone in Zambia who made my stay so terrific!

If you still haven’t seen my photos from this trip – please click here for Part 2 of Photo album and click here for Part 1. There are no new photos uploaded since Friday.