Learning about the Art of Business from Andy Warhol

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.” – Andy Warhol, 1975 On Sunday, I had a rare day off to relax by myself in Ottawa, our lovely nation’s capital before an evening flight back home to Vancouver. I decided to spend a couple of hours to tour a highly-recommended exhibition at […]

London Day 2: Meeting with Peter Cruddas

I woke up before 5:30am, still jet-lagged from the eight-hour time difference.  I answered emails, had breakfast and spoke briefly with Judy from Kenya, who was staying in the room next to me.  Together, we walked a short fifteen minutes to the International Award Office where we relaxed for a couple of hours before lunch. […]

On the Road Again: Day 1 in London

2010 has so far been year filled with travels.  I spent half of January in Toronto and Waterloo.  In February, Vancouver certainly didn’t feel like home as it welcomed the world for the Olympics.  In March, I traveled to Ottawa, Kingston, and Montreal for a conference, and then I spent another two weeks in Toronto […]

My last post from Zambia

It has been a great trip.  It has also has been an unexpected one in many ways. Primarily, I didn’t expect to be here for two weeks instead of one.  I didn’t expect to meet so many great people.  I didn’t expect such a comfortable and hospitable stay.  I didn’t expect to get a chance […]

Botswana Safari

It was time for the safari.  I woke up early in the morning, just in time to listen to the Canucks win game four against the Kings!  At 7:00am, Chris drove me towards the Botswana border, where the safari would be taking place.  Half an hour later, I passed through Zambian customs, and hopped onto […]